Kevin W. Ker
PhD, B.Sc Agr, M.Sc, B.Ed, P.Ag
Grape and Tender Fruit Specialist
Owner - Ker Crop Management Services

KCMS Applied Research and Consulting is Canada's most experienced independent crop advisory service and research firm for grape and tender fruit production and crop protection. KCMS staff have many years of academic training at the undergraduate, graduate and doctoral level and continue to undertake research each year, publish in refereed journals and present at conferences through North America and internationally

Established by Kevin Ker in 1997, KCMS is the Niagara regions only research and advisory service that provides independent advice based on current research and collaborative work with other professional research and government specialists.

Currently and for more than 25 years, Kevin Ker has been the author and producer of the weekly crop report telephone message ( also known as the Agriphone) sponsored by the Grape Growers of Ontario and the Ontario Tender Fruit Producers Marketing Board.

Since 1997, many clients subscribe to the KCMS report, a weekly PDF report that outlines the latest information on pest activity and crop production practices. KCMS prides itself for its independence and unlike other groups, KCMS is NOT funded through the sales of pesticides, fertilizers inputs or supplies to the industry.

KCMS is involved as a research partner with universities and government agencies on such topics as Multicoloured Asian Lady Beetle (MALB) with the University of Guelph and Brock University, Winter Injury and Wind Machines with OMAFRA, UG, Brock and others, Leafhopper Monitoring for Grapevine Importation for the CFIA and GGO, and other research projects.